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Detail projects carried out

El País Collections

In addition to the development of the Online store,, with various E-Commerce functionalities, we have made an integration with the user system of El País so that a detailed follow-up of its interaction with all the websites of the Prisa Group.

iBeach - Agbar

We have developed for Agbar (General Water Society of Barcelona), together with our friends of Blit Software, an application that serves to check the water status of any beach in Spain, France and Portugal. To achieve this, we have automated the collection of data from numerous sources of information.

Arenas Gaming

This project consists of a sophisticated system of creation and management of videogame tournaments. The system consists of a control panel from which administrators can create tournaments, arbitrate them, and distribute prizes at the click of a button. The users have their results panel, they can enter and withdraw money, chat with the rest of users, register in tournaments and track them, check the statistics of the players, etc.

TAURE Painting and Drawing Academy

The students of this well-known academy in Barcelona have a private area on the web, where they can register and pay for their courses, as well as other useful things such as managing time changes (since they can not attend a day the academy allows them to change it for another one if there is space available). The system shows the student the classes that have the payments to date, and those that do not, and if the payments are not up to date, the place can be occupied by another student. Payments are made by credit card.

Sports Association Eixample

The Associació Esportiva l'Eixample is a large Barcelona entity that offers extracurricular and sports activities. Manage the rental of various spaces for sports. All the management of these registrations and reservations can be done online through our web application.

My Room Escape is a reservation system for Room Escape games that behaves similarly to large reservation centers such as The owners of the Room Escape businesses have their own control panel, with which they manage their premises, they can consult reservations, and other usual tasks in this type of business, such as the Black Booking. The administrator, in turn, has a wider control panel with functions that help you manage the business.


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