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IMIDomics is a web page with a public part in which anyone can see global statistics of available clinical and molecular data.

1st level

This initial level clearly shows that there are two types of patient collections: transversal and longitudinal. The perspective of this website should convey to the potential client the great volume and quality of the data available in IMIDomics.

In this first level, new potential customers will receive temporary usernames and passwords to access the complete inventory (second and third levels). The commercial section of IMIDomics will decide which clients should be granted this access and when (for example, in biotechnology congresses, Pharma meetings, etc.). With these credentials, customers can select the type of database that interests them and move to the second level of inventory.

2nd level

Based on the assumption that clients will have an interest in one or some diseases, this level will be structured to allow the selection of the disease of interest. In this way, the data is organized more logically and, with minimal development, more meaningful information can be displayed. At this level, global summary statistics will also be displayed for available clinical and molecular data. From here, clients can enter the third level, which includes the clinical questionnaires and the associated summary information. Additionally, at this level, the statistics of the molecular data also appear.

3rd level

At the third level, the client can explore the variables that have been collected for each disease. To explore the clinical data available in IMIDomics, this level will be structured following the same questionnaires that were originally used to collect the data. As the user moves down the page and moves the cursor over each question, graphic views will appear that show the most relevant information (for example, total number of individuals, pie charts, cash diagrams, etc.). In this way, the client will have a quick idea of the density of the data available in IMIDomics and will increase their interest in buying it or designing new molecular studies.

Additional functionality: shows the bioinformatic role the coding of DB variables in online questionnaires.

Additional functionality: accelerate the ingestion of the structure of the database.

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