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Friendly and customized search engine provider


Management program to maintain the list of providers, and an initial loading service.

  • Responsive design: graphic design adaptable to all devices, which allows you to operate with the program from your mobile, tablet or desktop.
  • Login: the user must connect with their username and password (created by the administrator in the control panel)
  • Side filter, with all the fields through which you can filter. As the filters are selected, the results are presented.
  • A text searcher (Google-style) that searches for any field, for example when looking for "Barcelona" there appears both the providers that have this keyword in their description, and those who have that word in their postal address.
  • Value provider and comments: the user can assign a "star rating" and comment on a provider, and these ratings and comments will be available to be consulted by other users.


The control panel is protected by user and password, and can be used by the site administrator, or by a user created by the same. It has the following features:

  • Maintenance of users: affiliations, terminations, change of password
  • Maintenance of suppliers:
    • Search provider (with filters)
    • Edit and modify all provider data
    • Attach documents to the provider
    • Upload images to appear on the front end list.

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