Interview with Aaron Amat

“It is a pleasure to develop projects like this”
How did you get started in photography and how did you discover Microstock?

I started in 2008 right after I had purchased a Pentax K10 camera and didn’t have much of a clue to be honest. When I started I knew nothing about photography, I learned everything over time by trial and error, constantly making mistakes and taking awful pictures. Gradually, I started to learn, also, improving my equipment and because of this my sales went up too.
It was a period of hard work and a lot of uncertainties, because at that time stock photography was not well known, and I didn’t know anyone who did the same thing. My biggest reference was Yuri Arcurs who had achieved a tremendous success in the early years of the Microstock. Knowing that there was someone in another part of the world who was creating something that big was my biggest motivation to continue working….
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Interview with Aaron Amat
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